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Archaeological Museum of Limassol

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Anastasi Sioukri & 5 Vyronos Str




+357 25 305 157

Open Days

Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday: 08:00-15:00
Sunday-Monday: Closed

€ 2,50


The Archaeological Museum of the Lemesos (Limassol) District was founded in 1948 and was initially housed in a section of the Lemesos Castle. During the conflicts of 1964 it remained closed as it was handed over to the National Guard. Construction activities for the new modern Museum began in 1972. The new exhibition was organised in March 1975, under extremely difficult circumstances related to the recent Turkish invasion of the island.The Lemesos (Limassol) District Archaeological Museum houses a rich and notable collection of antiquities from the Neolithic age to the Roman period, originating from excavations at various archaeological sites in the Lemesos region.The exhibits are housed in three rooms and are divided into three main categories. The first room contains pottery from different historical periods; the middle room exhibits coins, jewellery, lamps and a variety of copper tools and objects, whilst the third presents sculptures, tombstones, capitals, inscriptions and other marble and limestone artefacts. A variety of objects related to the cult of Aphrodite - such as fertility and other votive offerings and female terracotta figurines – are also included in the exhibits.