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Holy Monastery of Christ the Advisor - St. George

Kirker og klostre
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Happy Valley


Happy Valley



Entrance Only to Men


The ruins of several older buildings used by the monastery testify to the antiquity of the institution. These ruins also preserved the legend around St. George the Advisor among the locals over the years. The monastery, which was looted several times during the Arab attacks in Cyprus, was eventually restored approximately 1300 years later, by a couple of believers from Limassol, who discovered its location via a vision. The small church of St. George was restored by the couples’ own funds, and the two of them stayed there to take care of as a monk and nun, renamed Gerondios and Polychronia. The name of the monastery is related to the nature of Jesus Christ as a “miraculous advisor”, as described by the prophet Isaiah. On the cliff above the chapel, in a wonderful location with lots of greenery, an impressive, modern monastery was built at the beginning of the 21st century. The monastery was populated by the monks from Machairas monastery, at the request of the Bishop of Limassol, Athanasios. The new monastery, named “Holy Monastery of Christ the Advisor” is forbidden for women, who can follow the ceremonies in the old chapel.