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Sanctuary of Apollon Hylates

Arkeologiset paikat ja monumentit
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3km west of Kourion Archaeological Site




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September 16 - April 15, daily: 08.30 - 17:00
April 16 - September 15, daily: 08:30 - 19:30



Originally, the area consisted of a temple (traces of which survive the foundations of the existing temple), a circular monument, an official archaic altar, and a police section of that era. During the Roman period the area was extended by adding the buildings to the south and north, which could be used for the presentation of the votive offerings or for the visitor's stay. Clay figurines and vases that had accumulated in the temple since the 5th century BC. until the Roman period, were buried in the special pit for the vows.Apollo Ylathus, the god of the Forest, was the protector of Kourion and is believed to have been worshiped in the area since the 8th century BC. - in the 4th century AD The sanctuary of the god was an important religious center and suffered many extensions and conversions in different historical periods.