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Kourion Archaeological Site

Arkeologiset paikat ja monumentit
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Kourion, 19 km west of Limassol on the way to Paphos




+357 25 934 250


16 September - 15 April, Everyday: 08:30 - 17:00
16 April - 15 September, Daily: 08:30 - 19:00



The city-kingdom was built on the hills of the area, gazing and controlling the fertile valley of the Kouris River. According to the archaeological finds, Kourion was associated with the Greek myth of Argos of the Peloponnese, where his inhabitants believed that they were descendants of the immigrants who arrived in Cyprus from Argos. The once thriving city-kingdom was destroyed after the great earthquake of 365 AD. The magnificent Greek-Roman theater, which is the epicenter of the archaeological site, was built in the 2nd century BC. and expanded in the 2nd century AD. To the east of the theater are the remains of the Eustolian House, which was originally a private mansion that was transformed into a public recreation center during the Early Christian period. The villa was moderately sized but well equipped and richly decorated. It consists of mosaic 5th-century floors in the central hall and a bath complex, located on a higher level and accessible from the north side of the building. The ruins of the Roman Agora are also visible in the area. The structure dates back to the early 3rd century, with additions made later in the Early Christian period. The Roman Agora is built on the ruins of an older public building, which was used from the end of the 4th century until the end of the Hellenistic Period. The Market of the city is surrounded by galleries with marble columns on both sides, while on the northwest side there are the impressive public baths and a small temple, Nymphaeus, dedicated to water nymphs. The Kourion Stadium is 1km west, on the right side of the road to Paphos.