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Zenobia shipwreck

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His journey ends 2 nautical miles off the coast of Larnaca, 42 meters deep into its sea. The Zenobia shipwreck is now one of the 10 most sought after diving destinations in the world. Over the years, the submerged shell has become an artificial reef that hosts over 25 species of fish, such as rapeseed, barracuda, tuna, sea bream, bream, lemongrass, lizard, reef. There are still more than 8 species of sponges in various sizes and colors, algae, octopuses, turtles and many other species. But what makes this shipwreck special is the rest of it. Trucks, containers, machinery, cargoes, cars, everything that the ship carried inside. Man-made objects made for other environments, but now lying silently on the wet seabed. The experience of navigating the submerged "Zenobia" is thrilling for all divers, regardless of their diving experience. Younger ones can take a stroll outside the ship, observing the seaweed-covered parts as well as the trucks that escaped inside and scattered around it. The most experienced can enter the ship, wander into the first garage and its interiors. Finally, the most courageous may dare to explore the second garage and the engine room, places that, in the darkness that encloses them, hide both magic and danger.