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Old Church of Archangel Michael in Oroklini

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Oroklini Village


Oroklini Village




On the foothill of the mountain that exists on the north of the village, the old church is built and it is dedicated to Archangel Michael .It was built in the 17 century and it is a building of Byzantine style. It is a small church and it has not got the availability to contain more than 50 -100 people. From evidence, at the temple, the church had been re-built in 1867.
It was extended on the west of the building so it could be the parish church of the area, having rectangular construction type. Externally it is built with stone, mountain stone .During the extension and renovation that took place in the 1867, the temple with unique carving of its type and with the expenses of the residents it was gilded. With great devoutness and eagerness in their poverty, the residents donated money and guilded the temple of their church. The icons were re-painted.But today this phenomenon does not exist. 50 years ago they tried to maintain this guild by spraining the temple with goldpaint.The originality of the phenomenon was misquoted. An old ancient hagiography that is still an important ecclesiastical element in the space of the church, it is dedicated to Archangel Michael, which is also situated in the iconostasis of the church.