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Nea Pafos Archaeological site

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Kato Phaphos





Working Days

September 16th - April 15th:
Monday - Sunday 08:30 - 17:00.
April 16 - September 15:
Monday - Sunday 08:30 - 19:30


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The archaeological site of Nea Pafos is located next to the picturesque harbor of Lower Paphos. The ancient city of Nea Paphos was founded in the 4th century. B.C. from Paphos king, Nicocles, who moved further north to the city of Palaipafos (today Kouklia). A significant change occurred in the 4th century. AD when the capital was moved to Constantia or Salamis (now Famagusta) which nevertheless did not help the city to lose its glory. The existence of the temple of Aphrodite in the area held high the prominent position already held by Nea Paphos. It is noteworthy that since 1980 New Paphos and its archaeological site have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The most important monuments of New Paphos are the house of Dionysus, the house of Orpheus, the villa of Theseus, the villa of the Century, the Roman Agora, the Conservatory and the Asklepieion and the Fort of the Forties. The Chrysopolis Theater and Basilica are also important monuments outside the archaeological site. The mosaics that one can see in the archaeological site are of incomparable beauty. These are the mosaics found in the house of Dionysus and Orpheus, in Theseus' villa and in the Century's villa. Finally, within the boundaries of the archaeological site there is a lighthouse which is the first ever built in Cyprus.