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Church of Panagia of Angels in Kiti

Kirchen & Klöster
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Northwest of Kition





The temple, built by armies of angels, is undoubtedly one of the most important religious monuments on the island, as it "marries" elements of architectural and ecclesiastical art from different time periods, but giving a perfectly harmonious effect. The temple is well known mainly for the mosaic that adorns the quadrilateral of the arch depicting Our Lady in the type of Infant and dates to the late 6th century. The Church of Our Lady of Angels is located 12 kilometers southwest of the city of Larnaca, northwest of Kiti. The architectural type of the church belongs to the category of inscribed cross-dome. Its current form is the result of various additions and conversions that have taken place over time. An 11th-century building, today's church was built on the ruins of an earlier 5th-century Early Christian basilica. Parts of this original church have survived, such as the semicircular arch with the synton and the plaster relief decoration on the front of the arch. This basilica was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in the 6th century. Then the quadrangle of the arch was decorated with the remarkable mosaic of Our Lady which is still preserved.