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Agia Napa Church

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Agia Napa


Agia Napa


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The Ayia Napa Church is located on Ayios Andreou Street and was built in the late 19th - early 20th century on the ruins of an older and smaller Byzantine church. The sacred temple of the district is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It is called the Ayia Napa Church. According to the tradition, this name arose from finding a picture of the Virgin Mary in a valley. In Latin Napa means forest. Another version states that the temple was named after a temple of the Frankish period dedicated to the Holy Mendel of St. Veronika, also known as Saint Nape. The church was built on the site of an older church of the 18th century. It was completed in 1906. It marks a forest. a three-aisled church with a marble iconostasis and frescoes on the roof, and a silver icon of Ayia Napa.