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Oroklini Lake

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Oroklini Village




Lake Oroklini is a unique habitat in the province of Larnaca that every nature lover should visit. It is located in the heart of the Boroklini Community and despite its small size it hosts rich biodiversity. To protect this biodiversity, Lake Oroklini is protected by European directives forming part of the Natura 2000 network. Two species of birds, Kalamokannas and Pellokaterina, come here to nest in significant numbers. For Kalamokana, Lake Oroklini is the best breeding area in Cyprus, while Pelocaterina nests only in Greece and Cyprus from the European Union countries. Lake Oroklini is also the only area in Cyprus where the beautiful Red-headed Duck is nesting. In total, about 190 bird species have been recorded in Lake Oroklini! Lake Oroklini is one of the few natural wetlands in Cyprus and like most wetlands on the island.