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Kouris Dam

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This huge reservoir, with a height of 115 meters and a capacity of 115,000,000 cubic meters of water, that stretches out from the Alassa region to the community of Souni, makes up the entirety of the Kouris Dam, the largest artificial lake in Cyprus. It is the largest of dozens of dams built on the island. The Kouris dam stretches across an area of 3,6 square kilometers, with a drainage basin of 308 square kilometers, and its construction in 1988 took approximately 4 years to complete. Besides the water gathered by the dam itself, the waters of the Diarizos River also flow into the dam via tunnel, as do those of Limnatis and Kryos Rivers. Nevertheless, this enormous dam has only ever overflowed twice, once in 2004 and in 2012.