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Kalidonia waterfall

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It is located at the bed of Kryos Potamos at the National Forest Park of Troodos, at an altitude of 1330 meters north of the community of Pano Platres. The height of the water falls to 13 meters. The rocks of the area consist mainly of varietal vertitis and other rocks of the Troodos ophiolite complex. The vegetation around the waterfall consists mainly of pine trees of both pine-tree pine and black pine with a subsoil of endemic olives. According to the tradition, the name of the waterfall was derived from Scots visitors who were amazed by the beauty of the landscape that reminded them of their homeland, which in ancient times was called Caledonia.The Calidonian cascade is considered to be the most attractive waterfall in Cyprus due to the magical landscape it offers and visits tens of thousands of excursionists every year.