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Diarizos River

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The River Diarizos is the fourth largest river in Cyprus. It is considered one of the major rivers, as it flows all year round, unlike the other major rivers on the island. For this reason, the Water Department led the river through an underground canal to the Kourris Dam. The river passes through unspoilt beauty the natural trails suitable for hiking and cycling, from waterfalls, through the medieval bridges of "Tzielefos" and "Olive", from the great dam of Arminos and finally through the forest of Pafos and fauna. The valley of Diarizos, inhabited by the Neolithic and Chalcolithic Era, stretches along the river in an intact green environment. The Diarizos Valley belongs to the special protection zones due to the variety of habitats it encompasses as well as the rare species of birds and animals that have been recorded in the area.