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Abacus Canyon

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Akamas National Park




The province of Paphos hosts several sites of magnificent natural beauty. Especially in the Akamas National Park, there are many landscapes that attract the interest of both nature scholars and ordinary people who are interested in coming closer to nature while also knowing our place. One of the most remarkable landscapes is the Abacus Gorge. The canyon is accessed by a path that stretches along the Eggas riverbed and is surrounded by dense vegetation. Walking down the path, it suddenly narrows and the steep high walls stand next to you. It is the entrance to the canyon. Initially the height is about 45m while moving inland it reaches 150m. The water in the river flows all year round and is the main animal of the dense vegetation. The closer you get to the inside of the gorge, the narrower the access. The route reaches 1.5 kilometers, at which point the trail ends. For the more adventurous, the journey may continue, but caution is needed because there are many rocks and natural obstacles that need to be overcome. This wonderful route ends at the source of the river, among the wonderful vineyards of the village of Pano Arodes. In order to reach the gorge, we must follow Pafou-Agios Georgios Pegia Street. From there, we enter the Akamas National Park, following the dirt road for about 2.5Km, until reaching the bay of Toxetra and following the right diversion, either by car or on foot for another 900 meters, we reach the specially designed parking lot. . The entrance to the canyon is well hidden by lush citrus orchards that give you a first taste of what follows.