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St. Catherine Catholic church

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259, 28 Oktovriou str






Καθημερινά: 18:30,
Κυριακή: 08:00, 09:30 (Ελληνικά),
11:00 (Λατινικά),
18:30 (Αγγλικά)



At the Limassol seaside road, an extraordinary building stands out, with its majestic facade and white columns. With a baroque style in the interior, with an eclectic design on the exterior, the church follows the artistic trend of that period throughout Europe for similar buildings. The building, designed by the architect, Fr Francesco da Monghidoro, a Franciscan from Bologna, has 3 aisles with a single apse and it is 23 meters long by 15 meters wide. The Franciscans came to Limassol during the 13th century. However, they were forced to leave about the middle of the 15th century, due to adverse circumstances. But they usually visited the community when it was possible. In 1850, they established permanent residence in the city. In 1872 they started to build the present church of St Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin and Martyr of the forth century.