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Panagia Stazousa Church

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Between Claudia and Pyrgon


Pyrgon Community



Panagia Stazousa is the oldest of the Stavrovouni Monastery's shareholders. It is located between Klavidia and Pyrgons. It is a remnant of a 14th-century Latin monastery founded by an order of Latin monks who had come to the island in the early 13th century. A stone-built arch gate and some rooms on its northwestern side have survived from the monastery. The monastery was in operation until the Turkish occupation, where it was abandoned, so that it could be completely destroyed. According to tradition, the present church was built at the expense of a lady who, by the miracle of the Virgin Mary, was healed by the intractable bleeding she suffered. The church was destroyed and renovated several times. The nickname "Stazousa" is attributed to Virgin Mary, who springs to life and was established in honor of the Day of the Living Source. Another tradition justifies the anonymity of the sacred rock that springs up near the church, which is believed to cure the bleeding.