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Monastery of Holy Cross

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Anoyira village


Anogyra village



No camera was ever able to resist the temptation of a click in front of it. its beauty is special and every single time of the year will showcase it in a unique way. The most ancient monastery of the Holy Cross always had a captivating power over its visitors. The church is built on the foundations of the paleochristian basilica and it is dated back in the 14th century. Parts of another, three-fold basilica, more recent than the first one, still stands in the area. The temple that is still operating today, has a single room, with arches on the roof and a tall dome. The interior is painted with murals, mostly ruined, but still excellent samples of the era and its techniques. Much later, some other constructions were added around on the ruins of the temple, mostly at its southern side, for the accommodation needs of the monks.