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Church of Panagia of Chrysopateritissa

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Pomos Village




The Monastery of Our Lady of Chrysopateritissa is located approximately five kilometers northwest of Pomos community, sixty kilometers from the city of Paphos. It is built in a wooded area, just below the dam of Pomos. The natural surroundings of this small church awaken the visitor with a sense of serenity and devotion. There are two versions for the name Chrysopatritissa. One refers to the existence in the monastery of many fathers of the church, while the second version refers to a abbot and hagiographer of the monastery named Thomas, who always held a golden crutch (rod) and when he painted the icon of the Virgin Mary gave it the name Chrysopatritissa. There is also the opinion that the monastery was given this name before it was built and not after it was built. The Monastery of Our Lady of Chrysopateritissa was built in 1520 and today only its homonymous church, which has been renovated in recent years, survives.