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Agios Georgios Frangoudes church

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Κέντρο Λεμεσού





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Just a few meters from the sea, the white rotunda of Limassol is a church that stands out for its unique outer look, as well as the majestic decoration of its interior. This church has originally been a chapel at the cathedral of Ayia Napa church the historical center of the city. After 1990, when the chapel was destroyed, it moved to the eastern areas, within Ayios Athanasios municipal area,, where is now located. It its the churcch of Ayios Georgios Frangoudes, which took its name after a distinguished man from Limassol, who contributed to the foundation of Panteion University in Greece.What instant;y catches one's attention is the temple's original shape, as well as its all-white appearance. In fact, combined with the curves of modern buildings in the area, such as The Oval, the church creates an utterly interesting picture.