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The Pafos Mosaics

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Limanaki, Kato Phaphos




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September 16 - April 15,
Daily: 08:30 - 17:00
April 16 - September 15,
Daily: 08:30 - 19:30



The Paphos Mosaics are considered one of the best in the eastern Mediterranean and are part of the Lower Paphos Archaeological Park, which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1980. The houses of Dionysus, Theseus and Aeus of Aeos the four Roman nobility villas and date from the 2nd to the 5th centuries. A.D. Their elaborate mosaic floors depict scenes from Greek mythology. The 556 square meter mosaic at the Dionysus House is decorated with mythological figures and hunting scenes. There is also a Hellenistic pebble mosaic at the entrance, depicting Skylla, the mythical monster of the sea. Theseus' house was named after the oldest mosaic of Theseus, depicting a homonymous ancient Greek hero holding a bat against Minotaur. The newer mosaics depict Neptune and Amphitrite, as well as Achilles' first bath. The House of Orpheus has mosaics depicting Orpheus between monsters, Hercules and the Nemean Lion as well as an equestrian Amazon. The House of the Century has the most striking mosaic, consisting of five scenes depicting the newborn Dionysus, Leda and the Swan, the beauty contest between Cassiope and the Nerides, Apollo and Mars, and Triumph.